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Configuring your domain

This section won't tell you anything new with the company, and we assume you have already assigned your domain as specified on the update of the company.

So, what are we going to tell you? How to set your domain and deploy the banner with it. To do this, you will need some basic knowledge of how domains work, but don't you worry if you don't get it (though we will link some documentation about what is what) because it is quite simple.

Hands on before explaining.

Here we will assume that you do know what is a domain, and what are the different types of dns records (Don't you worry if you don't know all of them, we will only use CNAME).

What you have to do is set both domains, signalized with the field recordName, to point as a CNAME to the values signalized with recordValue. As simple as that, we will take care of the rest so don't you worry.


If you don't know how to do it, please reach out to us, and we will help you in whichever way we can. But for example if you use route53 for your dns, here you have a guide from AWS directly. Or even if you use goDaddy, you can absolutely use their guide that is located here.

Now, what did I do?

It is quite simple really, for the sake of not getting too technical (and not entering a rabbit hole with which we could publish a book), we will only explain what is a CNAME. CNAME is Alias of one name to another. Or to put it on simpler terms: Make one domain, call other behind the scenes without using the second domain.

Basically, how it works, is that when you create your domain called and link it as said above to our domain, what will happen behind the scenes is that the banner will be requested at, and it will be translated (without showing to the end user so conserving entirely your label) to Which in turn will resolve its IP address and retrieve the banner for you to use.

After doing that just retrieve the code for the illow banner in whichever way you like, being that the UI on the platform, or the open api endpoint for sites. And then copy it on your site.