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What is a consent log?

Continuing over what you can do with the Api, now it is the time to start knowing about consent logs.

We define a consent as the intent of a user that gives its acknowledgment about which cookie can be saved in its browser and which can't.

When a consent is given, either positive, negative or partial, then a log is created on our servers. That consent would have the following fields:

Format: json

countrystringThe country from which the consent was given, as a two letter string
createdAtnumberThe timestamp from where the consent was given
companyIdstringThe company id from which the consent log belongs to
siteIdstringThe company site from which the consent log belongs to
anonymizedIpstringThe ip anonymized of the user that gave the consent
idstringThe id of the consent given by the user.
categoriesCategoriesThe categories which the user agreed upon
statusstringThe status of the consent given, can be accepted, rejected, or partial
fromUSAbooleanIf the consent was given with the format of noticeUSA or in a ccpaBanner

Categories object

Format: json

marketingbooleanIf the user agreed to have cookies of type marketing
preferencesbooleanIf the user agreed to have cookies of type preferences
statisticsbooleanIf the user agreed to have cookies of type analytics/statistics
unclassifiedbooleanIf the user agreed to have unclassified cookies, this will be always true
necessarybooleanThe status of the necessary cookies, will be always on true, as the user can't opt out of this ones
optedInbooleanIf the user opted in for the consent, only valid when the banner is a ccpaBanner

A JSON example of this would be the following:

"country": "country",
"createdAt": 1693870928049,
"companyId": "COMPANY_ID",
"hasPrivatePolicyLink": false,
"siteId": "SITE_ID",
"anonymizedIp": "ANONYMIZED_IP",
"userAgent": "USER_AGENT",
"fromUSA": false,
"id": "CONSENT_ID",
"categories": {
"marketing": true,
"preferences": true,
"unclassified": true,
"optedIn": false,
"necessary": true,
"statistics": true
"status": "accepted OR partial OR rejected"

At illow, we don't save personal data of the user, the ip of the user is anonymized and anything that could be used for unequivocally identifying a user is not saved

Having clarified what is a consent log, lets continue with how you can retrieve them for a specific site.