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So far, with illow's API you can do whatever can also be achieved through the platform's UI, which allows you to scale your operations beyond manual usage. But what if your users need multiple domains and team members? You would have to manage everything on illow while bookkeeping on your end which asset belongs to who.

That's why we added multi-tenancy support. This feature enables you to create tenants within illow to grant them isolated access to their domains, trackers, configurations, consents and team, while also having its own SSO. You can think your tenants as sub-organizations or sub-accounts within yours. You will be able to oversee and manage all of them at any time. If you combine this with our Whitelabel Configurations to apply your own domain and branding to the platform's UI, you can provide your customers with your own illow, without coding the frontend from scratch.

Multi-tenancy architecture

The integration flow

You might be wondering how would this actually work for you and your users. The integration flow is pretty straightforward. Whenever a user registers on your platform or tells you they want to have the CMP capabilities enabled for their account, the send a POST request to illow's API. You will get a Tenant ID and a URL to redirect your user to illow. Afterwards, they will be able to log in and administer their own isolated assets and team.

Multi-tenancy integration flow

Keep in mind that you are not required to use illow's UI to have multi-tenancy support. If you still want to code your own front-end and have a tight control on what you want to provide to your users, that's fine too. At the same time, if you do use illow's API, you have the advantage that your users will get the latest features and capabilities as soon as they are launched without requiring any effort from you.