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Embedding illow in your platform

You can embed each screen of illow within an iframe by setting the embedded flag in true in the URL. For example, if you want to display the Home screen, you can add:

<iframe id='cmp-screen' src="" ... />

If you are using your own whitelabel domain, you can use it:

<iframe id='cmp-screen' src="" ... />

You will also have to pass the authentication token to skip the SSO experience every time the iframe loads. Add the following Javascript code on your platform:

window.addEventListener('message', (ev) => {
const cmp = document.getElementById('cmp-screen');
if (ev.event === 'cmpReady' && cmp !== undefined) {
partnerToken: 'your-users-auth-token',
partnerProvider: '<tenant-id>',
method: 'SIGN_IN'