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Modern web applications are continually growing in complexity, and nearly every website utilizes cookies to store user information. illow boasts a powerful Cookie Manager designed to handle the storage of these digital tidbits. In this article, we will delve into the advanced functionalities of the illow Cookie API.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies, also known as internet cookies, are compact data files sent by a website to be stored in the user's web browser. When you visit a website, these cookies are transmitted and saved on your browser or device. The next time you return to the same website, the web server requests and reads these cookies to deliver a tailored version of the site just for you. Cookies contain information stored as text and serve various purposes, including remembering usernames, passwords, tracking visits, and recording viewed pages.

Managing Cookies via the illow API

While illow offers an integrated cookie scanner and a user-friendly platform UI for cookie management, it also provides a powerful API which enables users to programmatically create, modify, and delete cookies without the need for the SaaS UI.


To access and utilize this API, the initial step involves reaching out to us through any communication channel. We will promptly provide you with an Access Key to get started.

Up next: Let's dive into fetching cookies through our API. Let's get started!