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Getting Started

illow's Consent Banner always comes with an SDK to interact with the CMP while the visitor is on your website. It can be accessed at window.illow. If it is not defined, then the banner did not load or it is not correctly installed.

You can check the full list of methods that come with the SDK here.

And you can hook as well to the events that the SDK fires in different moments of the banner's lifecycle.

You can also customize the banner locally through the SDK, i.e. you can include customization values in your HTML code that will override the ones set in the platform. This is particularly useful, if you would like to apply a different positioning or language at a specific path or subdomain within your domain.

Lifecycle of the SDK and events

Here you will find the high-level lifecycle of the SDK provided within the Consent Banner. To see how the UI behaves given the consent state, feel free to check our Use Cases.

Main lifecycle of the SDK

Other part of lifecycle of the SDK