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The "Banner by Region" feature allows for customizing the banner of an application or website based on the user's geographical location. This means that users in different regions will see specific banners tailored to the banner type you see most fit for that specific region.

To achieve this customization, a set of endpoints has been implemented to configure and manage the banner based on the user's region. Through these endpoints, you can:

  • Get: This endpoint allows you to get a list of regions and subregions with corresponding banner.

  • Update: With this endpoint, administrators can define and update banners specific to each region.

  • Restore: With this endpoint, administrators can restore the default illow configuration.

  • Update a specific region: With this endpoint, administrators can define and update specific banners for a particular region.

  • Delete a specific sub-regions of the Banner settings: If necessary, this endpoint allows you to remove banners specific to a particular region.


Keep in mind that if you have fines protector and modify any of the banner by region parameters you could lose protection. You can review the coverage conditions here

In summary, “Banner by Region” related endpoints are powerful tools, offering a more personalized and effective experience to comply with privacy regulations based on the geographic location of users.