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Updating your configurations


Don't forget to include your Access Key in the X-API-Key header of all your requests.

To update the data available for your company, is as simply as doing a Patch request to the endpoint with the following data possible to update:

Body of patch

Format: json

ownedDomainstringThe domain with which you will want to use the whitelabel of the banner. How this works and what should be configured is explained at the next article. But for starters, it has to start with http:// or https://, and then end with / with no more than 1. if you want to test it, you can access this site

The response will be the same as the fetch

Did you know...

If you need to have a different regex that still allows the one we give you previously, or even if you want a particular domain totally different from what the regex allows, you can always tell us, and we will be happy to help you in whichever way you need.