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Fetch Consent Banner settings

Once the company site is created, you can fetch all its details by sending a GET request to our API to the endpoint:{siteId}

Don't forget to include your Access Key in the X-API-Key header of all your requests.

Response Body

Format: JSON

customizationCustomization ObjectThe customization used for the banner.
urlstringThe website's URL in string format
idstringThe website's URL in string format
codestringThe script tag to place in the site HTML (preferably within the <head>).
pageViewsnumberThe number of visits you received (counts visits, not visitors).
integratedbooleanIf the banner was integrated (true) or not (false), into the site.

Customization Object

colorsColors ObjectThe colors used in the banner.
settingsSettings ObjectThe general settings for the banner.
advanceSettingsAdvance Settings ObjectThe advance settings for the banner.
messagesHash mapA hashmap with language code as a key and the text messages to be used in the banner.

Colors Object

backgroundstringThe background color in HEX format.
buttonBackgroundstringThe button background color in HEX format.
fontstring The font color in HEX format.

Settings Object

positioningstringThe banner’s position. Can be 'top', 'bottom', 'squaredLeft', 'squaredRight', 'squaredCentered'
showDSRUrlbooleanWhether the banner shows a link to the DSR form (if any).
showPoweredBybooleanWhether the banner shows the “Powered by illow” legend.
showCircledWidgetbooleanWhether the rounded logo is shown after user gave the consent.
bannerLogostringThe rounded logo to be shown after user gave the consent. Can be 'illow', 'cookie', 'gdpr', 'lgpd', 'ccpa'
activeMultilanguagebooleanWhether the banner is shown in the language configured in the user’s browser. If false, fixedLang is used.
fixedLangstringThe ISO code for the language to be used in case activeMultilanguage is false.

Advance Settings Object

showPoweredBybooleanWhether the banner shows the “Powered by illow” legend.
noticeUSAbooleanWhether the notice USA mode is being activated or not.
permissivebooleanWhether if the banner won't block cookies as soon as it starts (true) or if it will (false).
resourceBlockerbooleanWhether resources should be locked (true) or not (false).
iabTcfModebooleanWhether the iab banner will be enabled for GDPR banners (true) or displayed as standard illow settings (false).


"url": "",
"customization": {
"colors": {
"background": "#E9EEF3",
"buttonBackground": "#55ADB1",
"font": "#4A4A4A"
"settings": {
"positioning": "top",
"showDSRUrl": true,
"enableCCPAMode": true,
"showCircledWidget": true,
"bannerLogo": "illow",
"activeMultilanguage": true,
"fixedLang": "es"
"advanceSettings": {
"showPoweredBy": true,
"noticeUSA": false,
"permissive": false,
"resourceBlocker": false,
"iabTcfMode": false,
"messages": {
"en": {
"mainMessage": "This site uses cookies"
"es": {
"mainMessage": "Este sitio usa cookies"
"id": "8374978f-51d8-421c-8f6e-da3734db7226",
"code": "<script src=''></script>",
"pageViews": 52002,
"integrated": true

Interactive API Reference

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