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Getting the list of existing DSRs

To get the list of existing DSRs, send a GET request to

The body of the response is an array of DSRs with the form:

  • id: ID of the DSR
  • formId: ID of the submitted form
  • createdAt: DSR creation timestamp
  • dueDate: DSR due date timestamp
  • typeId: ID of the DSR type
  • requestStatus: DSR completion status
  • legislation: DSRs legislation
  • regionId: ID of the DSR region
  • firstName: User first name
  • lastName: User last name
  • email: User email
  • phoneNumber: User phone number
  • customFields: Array of the form:
    • id: ID of the custom field
    • answer: The user answer

Please visit our Interactive Open API Documentation to try the endpoint out.