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At illow you can generate a fully customizable cookie banner, record cookies consent, and effortlessly manage all your compliance needs. Our platform is designed to handle the complexities of all current and upcoming data-privacy regulations from around the world.

Usually you'd do all of this at our Platform's UI. But what if you need to manage dozens, hundreds or even thousands of domains at the same time?

This is where our API kicks-in! With it, you can create, modify and delete Cookie Banners for each of your domains programmatically, without the need of the SaaS UI.

Each domain will be scanned, its cookies will be categorized and you'll received a <script> tag associated to be placed in the HTML (preferably within the <head>) in order to show the corresponding Cookie Banner.

Script example
<script src="{yourSiteId}"></script>

To be able to use this API, first you will have to communicate with us via any channel, and we will provide you with an Access Key.

Next up: Creating your first banner through our API. Let's go!