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First steps

With the Illow Privacy Compliance Platform Open API, users can create and administer their own Company Sites programmatically, without the need of the SaaS UI.

Each Company Site will have a <script> tag associated to be placed in the HTML (preferably within the <head>) in order to show the corresponding Cookie Banner.

Script example
<script src="{yourSiteId}"></script>

To be able to use this api, first you will have to communicate with us via any channel, and we will provide you with an access key

If you don't have a site yet, first you will have to do use the post described here


Do not create a script tag if you already have a site, one was created for you earlier, and you will be just creating a new site without all the configurations you've already made.

That endpoint will also give you the script for the site id that you've just created.

If you already have a site created, and you want to re obtain the script provided, then please use this endpoint.

If you forgot what your sites ids where, you can use this endpoint to find all the sites that you've created up until this point

For more endpoints that could be of service, please visit: Official Illow Privacy Compliance Platform Open API Documentation